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Investment focus
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Investment focus
Maximize Capital offers its investors exclusive deals only, providing the best terms with direct access to the company
We provide opportunities to invest in the best companies that can bring solutions to modern day problems
NUTSon - is a video-sharing focused social networking service with the possibility of direct monetization. The platform offers 3 different ways of direct monetization: paid challenges, crowdfunding campaigns, live streams. At the same time, the number of subscribers does not matter.

The startup has already been highly appreciated by many celebrities: a pop-singer Klava Koka released her MV "Tochka" exclusively on NUTSon. Karina Cross, Omar Alibutaev and Kirill Kolesnikov also joined the social network.

More than 20 paid challenges from bloggers and common users were launched and successfully completed, for a total amount of up to 1 million rubles.

The number of users is growing rapidly. Over the last period, about 45 thousand people have registered in the app on both IOS and Android.
Investments in late stages companies that meet our analysts’ requirements. Potential profit: over 125% per annum in USD
Current deals
Investment Focus Maximize Capital
Sector: Gaming
per annum
Potential profit:
- Mobile gaming monetization leader

Scopely is a California based startup company , founded in 2011.
The startup creates mobile games и interactive entertainment. The company has released games based on the famous TV series: The Walking Dead, Star Trek and the Marvel universe.
Sector: Consumer Applications
per annum
Potential profit:
- crowdfunding platform for creators and their content

Patreon, Inc. - a crowdfunding platform, where authors can distribute their creatives through paid subscription or provide additional content to subscribers.
Sector: LegalTech/Saas
per annum
Potential profit:
- LegalTech startup

LawGeex - is an Israeli company, founded in 2014.
The company offers an RPA solution using SaaS format for automating the work of contractual document flow of legal departments of commercial companies
Tealium is a platform for collecting and organizing customer data. Founded in 2008, USA.

The startup is developing a big data platform that allows organizations and companies to collect and analyze data from their customers gathered from various devices.

The total volume of attracted investments has reached $ 263.9 million.
Potential profit:
per annum
Sector: Software/Marketing
Sector: FinTech

- The most valuable FinTech-startup, which provides financial solutions for online buyers under the motto "buy now - pay later".

The potential value of Klarna on the public market, while maintaining the current growth trajectory, will be $ 65-75 billion Expected date of listing - late 2021 - early 2022

Sector: Transportation
Bolt became the first mobile platform in Europe to offer sharing of taxis, electric scooters, and food delivery via a mobile app.
On August 3, 2021, it became known that Bolt had attracted investments in the amount of € 600 million; according to the results of Series E investment round, the Estonian taxi ordering service was estimated at $ 4.75 billion.
The total amount of investments attracted by the company reached $ 1.3 billion.

KeepTruckin is an AI-based fleet management and logistics platform.
The startup has developed a platform and electronic registration device (ELD) for tracking and managing a fleet of freight transport companies. The platform's functionality allows you to monitor vehicles using GPS and a video recorder and also to instruct drivers and monitor their work and check the technical condition of trucks.
In June 2021, based on the results of the Series E round, the company raised $ 190 million and reached an estimate of $ 2 billion.
The total volume of attracted investments has reached $ 417.3 million.
Sector: Logistics/SaaS
Dataminr is one of the leading AI-powered real-time data collection and analysis platforms.
The startup is aimed to collect various sorts of information from 180,000 publicly available data sources on the Internet, and provides customers with the information in real time about current events.
On March 23, 2021, the company announced the completion of its $ 475 million Series F funding round, bringing its valuation to $ 4.1 billion.
The company does not disclose the number of subsequent rounds, financing in 2021 with the participation of an individual investor Alexander Rugaev and Valor Equity Partners.
The total volume of investments is up to $ 1.1 billion.

Sector: Analytics/ Big Data
Flexport is a company operating in the field of logistics, information and special software for cargo transportations.
The startup offers full tracking of both air and sea transport, providing visibility and control over the entire supply chain and also provides its partners with local expert services and infrastructure elements (warehouses).
The total volume of investments is $1.3 billion. Today, the company's valuation is $3.2 billion.
Sector: Logistics/SaaS
Cityblock Health is a healthcare provider company focused on providing improved health care to the people with low-income across the United States.
The startup has its own community centers that provide clinical care, as well as services such as employment counseling, nutritional advice, and financial planning assistance for the poor. In addition, CityBlock Health provides telemedicine services. The Commons technical platform allows all members of the patient care team to keep abreast of the patient's health.
The total volume of attracted investments is $891.3 million.

Sector: HealthTech