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How do we select companies of the future before anyone else?

Deal structure

Why is it simple and easy to invest in companies at any stage with us?

Each project is reviewed individually by our team of analysts and applies their experience in the venture capital business, as well as modern techniques, including analysis of investment parameters with the help of AI. However, we also have an unconditional checklist for all investment projects, which serves as a quality standard.

  • Business growth - more than 50% per year

  • Investments in companies and projects with social responsibility

  • Availability of project investments from advanced investors. Peter Thiel, Andreessen Horowitz , Tiger Global and other venture capitalists who have brought companies to IPO's with multiples of their investments.

  • Growth potential of more than 100% per year and a clear exit scenario for future deals

  • Investing in companies without intermediaries to eliminate possible non-market risks (with the possibility of entering the capitalisation table)
How do we select companies of the future before anyone else?
* When an investor comes to OTC deals he faces a high entry threshold, a complicated legal basis for the transaction, non-transparent commissions, difficulty finding a stock of interest in a company and low liquidity.

With years of experience in the venture capital business, we make complicated things simple and affordable. That's why we solve this pains and provide the market with a solution in the form of a P2P platform.
Why is it simple and easy to invest in companies at any stage with us?
Constantly growing list of the most relevant investment projects, selected by analysis for different investment focus.
Сurrent investment projects
One-stop-shop format: buying and selling shares in a few clicks, which saves a lot of time
One-stop-shop format
An elaborate legal structure that allows investors to use the assets in the fund similar to a brokerage account in the most favorable and secure jurisdiction
Thoughtful legal structure
High qualification of all employees and business ethics. If necessary, our managers will explain in detail all aspects of the transaction so that the client can independently make a purchase decision.
High qualification of all employees
High level of compliance and screening of equity sales counterparties to prevent non-market risks
prevention of non-market risks
Detailed project analytics from experts with experience in the big four consulting firms of Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young and KPMG.
Detailed project analysis
transparent fee policy
From 0 (zero) to 1 (one)
nvestors - 3F (family, friends, fools).
Fulfillment - idea stage.
Needs - market problem solving
Cost of companies $300k - $10million
Investors - angels, syndicates, accelerator, VC
Implementation - MVP
Needs - customer solution
Companies value $2m - $20m
Rounds A,B,C - middle stage
Investors - VC
Implementation - Product
Needs - expansion into new markets
Companies value - $20 mln - $500 mln
Product development (growth)
C+ - late stage
Investors - VC
Implementation - International Product
Needs - Market capture
Companies value - $300M - $1B+
Investors - banks, brokers, funds, etc.
Realization - international products
Needs - to gain net profit
Company value - $300 m - $1 b++
Public company
ROFR procedure
When the amount of funds received from investors on the fund's balance sheet becomes equivalent to the full volume of the investment lot that the fund acquires, the ROFR - Right of first refusal procedure is launched. As part of this procedure, the company issuing the shares approves the transaction, in rare cases, one of the current shareholders in the capitalization table of the company can buy back the shares that the fund intends to buy. In this case, the funds are returned to investors in full or alternative conditions are offered for the purchase of shares. The Fund takes a subscriptions fee only after passing the ROFR stage
Deal done and SEC verification
After accepting the ROOF, the deal is done. The final point of the process is a notification from the SEC - the US Securities Commission about a successful transaction and the inclusion of the Maximize fund in the general register of shareholders of the company ( cap table ) . As soon as the fund receives them, all documents certifying the rights to own shares, including a certificate for shares, are sent to investors
Signing a request to the fund
The Fund structures a separate series exclusively for this transaction. The units of this series have their own separate nomenclature number. A Request for investment in this company and Series is sent to investors for signature. Series owns 100% of the shares, and investors own Series in proportion to their investments
Transaction to fund bank account
After receiving the details, the investor can transfer funds to the fund's account in an American bank.

Total amount of investment is prescribed in the Subscription Agreement and may correspond to the volume of a one-time investment in one portfolio company or exceed it, depending on the investor's desire. The second option allows the investor to keep funds in the personal currency cell of the fund and use them in the future for a new investment offer with a guarantee of receiving an allocation
Documents sign
After considering all aspects of the deal and verifying the KYC procedure. The client and the fund sign a Subscription Agreement under which the investor (client) acquires units in the Maximize SLLC fund
Get offer
The investment relation of the Fund makes an investment offer to clients. The investor gets acquainted with analytical materials about the actual investment object of the fund, as well as with legal documentation.