Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons. With a subscription-style payment model, fans pay their favorite creators a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey.
Share type
Common shares
Ownership structure:
Cap Table
Mxmz Capital
lot size
$ 2 000 000
Company valuation
$4.1 B
Key things
The company raised $155 million in a Series F Round. The investor was represented by the Tiger Global Venture Fund on April 7, 2021, when the company's valuation increased to $4.1 billion. The investment round also involved: Glade Brook Capital Partners, New Enterprise Associates, DFJ Growth, Wellington Management, Lone Pine Capital and Woodline Partners, as well as investors of the company are popular artists, for example, the solite group System of a down Serge Tankian
The company is a leader in venture capital activity in the Creator economy market . Since July 2019, the company's valuation has increased 6 times
The company's revenue has grown by 285% since last year. Average annual revenue growth rate TG(avg)= 3.65 (CAGR) = 365%
Foundation date
May 7, 2013
San Francisco, USA
Latest venture round
Round F
Last round score
$4.1 B
Total Funding
122 West Ventures, Accomplice, Allen and Company, Atlas Venture, CAA Ventures, Charles River Ventures, DFJ, DFJ Growth, Freestyle Capital, Glade Brook Capital, Index Ventures, initialized, Kindling Capital, Lone Pine Capital, NFX, New Enterprise Associates, Otherwise, Rothenberg Ventures, SV Angel, Thrive Capital, Tiger Global Management, UTA Ventures, Wellington Management, Woodline Partners
Key Investors and History of Funding Rounds
Revenue Growth Dynamics
The market for the economy of authors (creator economy) is about $104.2 billion, including influencer marketing. According to forecasts, by 2023 it will amount to, and possibly exceed, $1 trillion
Market size
Musicians, journalists, writers, podcast creators, photographers, and artists earn money with Patreon. Each author sets a price for the content. For example, $6 per month. People who want to follow a person's creativity, receive exclusive content, get into a community of like-minded people, subscribe to the author's page and transfer a fixed amount to him monthly. Patron takes a commission from the transfer from each subscriber. The author must pay 5%, 8% or 12%, depending on the terms of the tariff plan
Business model
The target audience of Patreon is a wide variety of content makers, non-profit organizations, various online communities and content consumers. The Patreon service is used by various creative people from small bloggers to celebrities with a worldwide reputation such as actor and musician Jared Leto

At the present days has more than 6 million regular users at the moment
Over the past five years, Patreon rank has grown by
Content creators' profits over the past year exceeded
Over the past five years, the number of donations has increased by
Patreon company already has about 1000 employees. The key persons of the company have the competencies of doing business, working in startups and successful large companies, as well as creative projects
Vice President
Jan Kleinfeld
Co-founder Patreon
Sam Yam
Jack Conte
Sam Yam
Co-founder Patreon, YCE at Y Combinator . Samran Adwhirl, a mobile development company, worked at Google and has been running Patreon with Jack since the beginning. Sam is also engaged in creativity and art
Jack Conte
American multi-instrumentalist, author-performer and entrepreneur. Member of the Pomplamoose group , as well as CEO and co - founder Patreon. Being a musician, Jack deeply understands the market conditions in which the company operates and the needs of the creators. So initially the company grew out of a service that Jack organized to accept payments from his listeners
Jan Kleinfeld
Vice President - Strategic Finance and Corporate Development at Patreon. Ian has a large background of work in startups and large companies on senior positions. His track record includes companies such as User and Goldman Sachs, where he was a corporate director and vice president of the company
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